Energy work 

First Session         90 mins. -  $150.00 

Ongoing Sessions 

                             60 mins.  - $100.00

                             30 mins.  - $ 60.00


                                45 mins.     - $ 45.00



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After becoming certified as an Usui and Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner, Sully discovered that she comes from a lineage of healers with roots in rural Guatemala. She has continued her studies, incorporating healing modalities from her Indigenous roots into her practice. Furthering her research into her own culture, she is able to draw from ancestral knowledge to dive deep and assist others on their healing journey. 

Sessions begin with a consultation and are intention based to target your individual needs. They can be done in person as well as internationally through distance healing. In person sessions include Energy Work or Reiki, crystals, sound healing as well as herbs and oils. Please advise if you would like to customize your experience to accomodate any allergies or preferences you may have. 

Available for large group energy work, private parties and events. Price quoted upon consultation.