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Please email with any inquiries and to schedule an appointment 

After being introduced to Energy work through Reiki in 2016, Sully discovered that they come from a lineage of healers with roots in rural Guatemala. Since then, they have received their Reiki Master Teacher certification, and continue their education on Mesoamerican healing methods. Furthering research into their own culture, they are able to draw from ancestral knowledge to assist others on their healing journey while incorporating various healing methods into their practice.

Sessions begin with a consultation or a “Platica” and are intention based to target your individual needs. They can be done in person as well as through distance healing (internationally). In person sessions include Energy Work or Reiki, crystals, sound healing as well as herbs and oils. Please advise if you would like to customize your experience to accommodate any allergies or preferences you may have. 

Full Ritual + Cut

Full Ritual (210 - 240 mins)        - $400.00 

An intention based beauty ritual designed to transform and heal from the inside out. Using various healing modalities, including aromatherapy, sound waves, herbal cleansing, breathwork, as well as both hands on and off healing techniques. Designed to relieve stress and anxiety, move stagnated energy caused by trauma and trapped emotions. A full energy reset that allows you to honor your personal journey and feel confident in how you move forward on your path. 


Scalp massage + customized hair and scalp treatment. A full haircut with Blow/Diffuse Dry + styling. 60 mins of Energy work and time for  integration. 

*Requires 2 days of prep before + 2 days of rest time after service * 


Available for large group energy work, private parties and events. Price quoted upon consultation. 

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